Regular Students

Foreign students shall renew the RNE (National Registry of Foreigners) following the deadlines requested by the Federal Police (180 days or one year) and deliver a copy of the protocol to the Graduate Section at each renewal.
Irregular stay in the country, for any time, will result in the student’s dismissal.

  • Para consultar as disciplinas oferecidas no semestre acesse Sistema Janus e clique em “Disciplinas- Consultas- Oferecimentos“.
  • Resolução CoPGr 8546 de 1º de dezembro de 2023, que estabelece critérios sobre a carga mínima de créditos a serem integralizados em disciplinas presenciais. De acordo com a referida resolução (Art. 1º) …fica estabelecido que o discente matriculado no Programa de Pós-Graduação deverá integralizar no mínimo 60% dos créditos mínimos exigidos em disciplinas na forma presencial.
Check the Program Policies.
The regular student must enroll twice a year on the Janus System, until the dissertation or thesis delivery. There are two types of enrollment: enrollment in disciplines or follow-up enrollment (if you are not going to take the disciplines). The mid-term enrollment must be made in January and July, according to the schedule informed by the Dean of Graduate Studies through USP e-mail. Failure to enroll implies termination of the Graduate Program. Consult periodically the “Student’s Record” on Janus System to check the disciplines taken, the number of credits required, deadline for registration and completion of the Qualification Exam, deadline for delivering the work (dissertation/thesis), and the deadline for defense. Failure to meet the aforementioned deadlines results in academic dismissal. In the case of missing the deadline for enrollment in discipline or follow-up enrollment, the student must fill out the form below and deliver it to their Graduate Program Office: Mid-term registration form (follow-up and discipline) – regular student

Online Declarations – Janus System

Students have the “Declarations” menu in the Janus System, in which they can issue the following documents with electronic authentication directly from the system:

  • Registration Declaration;
  • Certificate of Completion of Disciplines;
  • Certificate of Enrollment with Disciplines;
  • Student Form.

Other statements, please request via the CPG website – Solicitar Documentos

Requirements – Janus System 

For requests such as:

  • Use of credits in a course taken outside USP;
  • Use of credits in a course taken at USP;
  • Allocation of special credits;
  • Put Enrollment on Hold;
  • or other requests (option Other requirements).

In the case of doubt, check the instructions below: Instructions – Online Application – Students