Non-degree Students

A non-degree student is an undergraduate student who enrolls in isolated graduate disciplines. There is no admission process for enrolling in Graduate disciplines at the Ribeirão Preto Medical School-USP. Students can enroll in isolated disciplines at any time during the semester until the beginning of the chosen discipline. The disciplines can be consulted on Calendários> Disciplinas at the Graduate website of the FMRP-USP.

– Students shall deliver to the Graduate Section of FMRP-USP:

  1. a) Enrollment form for a non-degree student (we will not accept handwritten form!) with the signature of the professor responsible for the discipline: Matrícula em Disciplina – Aluno Especial
  2. b) Copy of the Certificate of Completion, front and back, along with the original certificate for confirmation.
  3. c) Copy of the ID (or passport for foreign students);
  4. d) Registration fee of R$ 214,00 per discipline (Sistema de Gerenciamento de Boletos) or present the declaration of affiliation with the Ribeirão Preto Medical School – University of São Paulo (internship, project development, etc.) for the waiver of the fee.

– Students can enroll in as many disciplines as they deem necessary.

– Each form has an area to enroll in three disciplines.


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