Private session for Dissertation or Thesis defense

According to Resolution 7570/2018, the presentation of Dissertations and Theses will be made in a public defense session, except for cases of confidentiality resulting from a legal provision.

The private session of defense of Dissertation or Thesis is authorized by the Graduate Committee (CPG) to protect patents or trade secrets related to the work.

The duly justified application shall be submitted to the CPG by the student, with the consent of the advisor at least 60 days before the delivery.

The student is responsible in case of non-compliance with the deadline that may cause any damages to USP or partners, except if they prove not to have acted with guilt or committed fraud.

After granting the request, before receiving the delivered Dissertation or Thesis, the members of the examining committee must sign the Confidentiality Agreement.

The member who refuses to sign the Confidentiality Agreement will be replaced by an alternate who agrees to sign it.

Only the student, the advisor and the examiners, and a member of the CPG shall have access to the private session, either in person or by videoconference.

In case technical and/or administrative support or translators, these professionals might participate, provided they also sign the Confidentiality Term.

Omitted cases will be resolved by the Graduate Council.

Request for private defense session

Defense confidentiality term